Myths & Narratives In The 21st Century: Part 1

Why do we need mythologies and narratives if science is the tool the positivists assume it is? Even if we could fully explain the world with science, would the common human even be able to understand it? And if so, would it say anything about "how to live?"

10 Lessons From The Battle Of Berkeley (Including Based Stickman's Speech)

Join me as I breakdown this momentous victory for proponents of free speech over "commies" and "anarchists" who used brute force and anonymous violence in an attempt to shut down a peaceful rally at UC Berkeley on the 15th of April, 2017 this current year.

I finish with a reading of "Based Stickman's" speech and warning to the communists who are actively trying to shut down American's first amendment rights.

Please leave your thoughts and any other lessons from the battle that you think are worth mentioning...!

Some Thoughts on Terence McKenna

As the title suggests, I'm talking everyone's favourite psychedelic bard.

Terence McKenna was a psychedelic visionary, writer, public speaker, explorer, cultural critic, & all-round intellectual bad-ass.  His head was filled with knowledge from science, to history, to art, to Alchemical texts, ancient civilisations, history of the planet - & yet he knew when to not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

He made a living off of his books & lecturing.  Potentially thousands of taped recordings exist of his work, meaning that unlike most other philosophers in history, we have a full record of his dialogues & spoken word to compliment his printed work.

I give a pretty rough overview of his life & ideas; this may be a series if I get the urge to address a more specific McKenna topic, or if anyone out there wants me to address anything specific.