Why New Age, Spiritual, & Psychedelic People Have Got it Wrong When it Comes To Politics

Join me as I discuss the POLITICS of "that" crowd, and also trace a HISTORY of their movement, mostly of colonialistic actions of "patriarchal" white men... thinkers, scientists, literary figures, artists, psychologists, explorers, etc, from the late 1800s through to the counter culture of the 1960s and beyond.

Is the revolutionary spirit being hijacked by people who wish to abuse the philosophical and experiential naivete of "this" crowd?

Is the urge towards empathy and tolerance becoming suicidal in that people are being to be tolerant of people who are INTOLERANT?

What sort of politics - what sort of ideas (which actually are relatively congruent with reality) are out there which suit a psychedelically / spiritually minded person who values FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, and RESPONSIBILITY?

Dig in as I work through these questions and many more...

As always please leave your thoughts, cheers m8s!