Ep37 What Is The Red Pill On White People

Join me for a dive into our individualistic societal foundations and the issues they now pose for European and European-descended people.

This show marks a return to regular programming for The Tom Henry Show.

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Entertainment: The West's Downfall?

Do the people of the West live for anything other than to be entertained?

Technological entertainment is a force is society whose consequences are yet to fully play out.

Join me as I dig into why people must realise that there is more to life than in the moment electronic-based hedonism... Our civilisation depends on it.


What's WRONG With WHITE Culture?

Why can't modern people identify as "white" without being labelled racist or supremacist?

What happens to people if you do not allow them to use their race, their history, or their heritage as part of their identity?

Is there a double-standard?  Are other racial groups allowed to embrace their own heritage and culture without guilt or fear?

Join me as I tear through these questions and much more.

And as always please leave me your thoughts.


The Philosophy Of Manspreading

Short and sharp episode on the ethics and issues surrounding the act of "manspreading". If you're a man and have ever been shamed or called-out for "manspreading", or if you're a woman who has felt threatened by a man's seated posture - then listen up, I'm going to help you get your heads around this issue.


"What Happened": Double-Think Propaganda by Hillary Clinton

There's a lot to be unraveled even in a small fragment of this pernicious book. Some people do not know how to lose gracefully. Hillary Clinton's book of excuses is more than just that, and that's what this show is about. What more is at play when Hillary and her ghost writers inflict mind-bending and corrupting ideas to their readers?

Join me and find out. As always please leave your thoughts below.


Does Being A Nationalist Make You A Nazi???

Regular political views are now being demonized to the point where people (the leftist media, leftist protest groups, leftists in general) will lie about you, physically attack you, shut down your events, and defame you, because you hold them.

People need to be made away of what is going on, why, and what they should do about it.


5 Lessons From The "Nazi Rally" In Charlottesville

Has an old German political system risen from the dead and taken to the streets? Or is the leftist establishment creating violence and fear by labeling anyone who is a Nationalist as a "Nazi"????

Is there a double standard between right wing white political groups and leftist black political groups?  Is this the soft bigotry of low expectations in action? Looking at you Obama... you dickbag.  And what is Antifa's, a group of communists who advocate for genocide and mass-starvation, role in this mess?

Leave your thoughts friends.


Nihlism, Hedonism, Christ & The Buddha

Welcome back to the show after a short break...
Most people have given up on "values" and "virtue" and seem to only be interested in being at best hedonists, and worst downright nihilists.

Join me as I tear into this disease of the mind and soul and find a better way to approach life.

As always please let me know your thoughts.

Why Are People Afraid Of Their Minds?

Could you stay relaxed trapped in a room with nothing except your own mind to distract you for 3 days?  3 hours?  Can you wait 3 minutes for a bus without distracting yourself with your phone?  If you can put your phone away, what is the state of your mental life then like?

Join me as I break into why people seem to be so scared of their own minds, by splitting"thinking" into two different types and looking at their uses and associated issues.

Part 1 of a series: "Thoughts on Thinking".

As always, let me know your thoughts below.

Why Are Genocide-Advocating Communists Gathering On Our Streets?

WTF???  Why is the most corrupt, evil, & genocidal political ideology in human history allowed to be some "trendy" thing?  Why is the "Hammer & Sickle" not a hate symbol?

Why is it socially acceptable to advocate for a political system that killed more people last century than another other in history?

Join me as I get riled up and break into this mess of an issue, where double-standards and some pretty suspect shit abound.

I also delve into what makes larger scale centralised control a less effective and desirable system than smaller scale localised government.

As always leave your thoughts!

Myths & Narratives In The 21st Century: Part 1

Why do we need mythologies and narratives if science is the tool the positivists assume it is?

Even if we could fully explain the world with science, would the common human even be able to understand it? And if so, would it say anything about "how to live?" and therefore be able to satisfy our needs?

Instead, myths and narratives are what people define their worldview with, and they are influenced by the archetypal forces found deep within all humans, regardless of their race and culture.

A lot of people think we have progressed past needing myths and narratives, yet nothing could be further from the truth, and if you don't take a hold of these forces and tendencies, others will take advantage of them at your expense....

Next week I will have for you "Part 2: Where do we go from here?" In terms of what myths and narratives should be focus on in order to improve the lot of the West.

As always let me know your thoughts my friends!


10 Lessons From The Battle Of Berkeley (Including Based Stickman's Speech)

Join me as I breakdown this momentous victory for proponents of free speech over "commies" and "anarchists" who usedbrute force and anonymous violence in an attempt to shut down a peaceful rally at UC Berkeley on the 15th of April, 2017 this current year.

I finish with a reading of "Based Stickman's" speech and warning to the communists who are actively trying to shut down American's first amendment rights.

Please leave your thoughts

Why New Age, Spiritual, & Psychedelic People Have Got it Wrong When it Comes To Politics

Join me as I discuss the POLITICS of "that" crowd, and also trace a HISTORY of their movement, mostly of colonialistic actions of "patriarchal" white men... thinkers, scientists, literary figures, artists, psychologists, explorers, etc, from the late 1800s through to the counter culture of the 1960s and beyond.

Is the revolutionary spirit being hijacked by people who wish to abuse the philosophical and experiential naivete of "this" crowd?

Is the urge towards empathy and tolerance becoming suicidal in that people are being to be tolerant of people who are INTOLERANT?

What sort of politics - what sort of ideas (which actually are relatively congruent with reality) are out there which suit a psychedelically / spiritually minded person who values FREEDOM, CREATIVITY, and RESPONSIBILITY?

Dig in as I work through these questions and many more...

As always please leave your thoughts, cheers m8s!

The Truth About "Equality"

A Show almost titled: "Equality:  Politically Weaponized Empathy?"...

Equality is an obsession for a lot of people at the moment. Ridiculous laws, which police speech, among other horrors of true civil rights, are springing up all over the West.  Feminists, SJWs, race baiting activists of all sorts abound and operate in service of this notion... It's become the Good in the new Religion of Cultural Marxist Progressionism, with the Bad being "Oppression" or "Unfairness" of some some sort...

Join me as I cut straight through to the crux of the matter of equality, including why there is only ONE moral definition of "equality".

As always please leave your thoughts in the comments or send me a message.

Strawman VS Ironman Arguments: A Study Of The Retaliation Against Antifa

Mates: Dig into this psychological & philosophical breakdown of the difference between "strawman" and "ironman" arguments, and a case study of the recent retaliation & defense by Trump supporters against domestic terrorists Antifa.  As always let me know what you think!

London Terror and Erdogan's Threats

#PrayForLondon!  But please don't mention anything about the issue of massive middle eastern immigration which has been happening in recent years!

And also don't mention that the police officer who was killed was UNARMED and it was lucky that the Parliament House guards ARE armed.  God damn.  They raid mosques and find guns, yet British cops have NONE?

I also address the geopolitical issue involving Turkey, NATO, and the Netherlands... Turkey has been calling Europeans Nazis while literally engaging in Dictatorial Islamofascism...

Plenty covered in this relatively short show...

Let me know what you think, what could the people of the UK do in response to this other than changing their avatars and praying?

18C "Hate Speech" Law Reform

People these days will literally be offended by anything and everything...

Australia's Anti-Hate-Speech laws have been on the test that a person feels offended - that's it.

This makes 18C some of the shittiest law in the country, subjective, and without applying a "reasonable person test".

Finally the federal government is seeking to reform this law - in this show I go through their proposed changes, and check out the reactions to this from the hysterical left and other elements of the political landscape.

Let me know what you think about the proposed reforms aye?

The Crisis Of Australian Conservative Politics

In Australia, like the USA, the political spectrum has shifted.

The center is now the left, the left is now the extreme left, and the right are now all "literally Hitler".

Because Trump has won, the conservative parties are trying to be more like him (since it clearly works) yet still will simultaneously virtue signal to the rest of society when it is demanded of them.

In this show I breakdown and discuss the conservative political situation currently in Australia - the "crisis" if you will, including the "put down" notion of populism, the idiocy and/or malice of the pro-corporate pro-establishment mainstream conservative parties who ignore their voter base, as well as the Left in Australian politics, among others....

Dingo Ate My Propaganda Ep3: Turnbull & Trump's Refugee Deal // Ideological Warfare and Populism

Firstly, sorry about the last week's show going Tits Up due to a technical difficulty.

So to make up for it, we've got a cracker of an episode for you this week.
To start with, I give my thoughts & review of Mike Cernovich's "Gorilla Mind" nootropic... Which although seemingly very beneficial, has had SOME side effects*...

Then I get to the news... This week we touch on articles in The Australian on:

  • Trump & Turnball's clash over the shitty refugee deal from Obama, that he did for no purposes other than virtue signalling
  • Paul Kelly's "derpy" take on Trump's "America First" policy
  • Disgusting violence in Northern WA Aboriginal community
  • Chris Kenny discussing populism and the current political landscape, refers to "basket of deplorables"
  • Louise Clegg on populism, values, and where conservative politics has to go

Let me know your thoughts cobbers.