I Share The Same Opinion On Muslim Immigration as the Dalai Lama, You Probably Do Too

My friend is more socially progressive than I'll ever be, but luckily she knows a good argument when she hears one, so she is open to conservative ideas. 

So when I proclaim that immigration to Europe from the ME & Africa is a really, terrible idea, I've gotta be able to justify my claim.

Luckily it's really simple to realise why mass migration of people from Syria to Europe is a really terrible idea.

Basically it goes like this:

Do you mean to tell me, dear lefty, that anytime a country has a civil war or otherwise breaks down, that we, as residents of the developed, peaceful world, must allow the people of the country in question to empty out of their troubled homeland & migrate to ours?  Lets follow the logic through...

So what happens if Muslim Migrants in Sweden, or France, turn the country from peaceful and stable, to violent, with unrest, with curfews, with potentially civil war....

Where do the people of Sweden then turn to as migrants of a failed nation?

See the problem with this plan? 

If instead of temporarily assisting victims of civil unrest and war in refugee centres until they can return back to their nation and rebuild it, with international assistance, we just pick them up and move them to another (developed, first world) country, then ever time there is a civil war in a country, we just give up on that country and move its people onwards.

It's like disposable consumer culture, but for like, nations.

(Quick note to any bleeding heart liberals reading this:  the people leaving Syria and going to Europe are NOT refugees.  They are migrants.  Refugees would go to the nearest safe nation for temporary shelter before being able to return.  This is not what is happening.)

Nations are not disposable goods.  We don't throw them in the bin when they break, we fix them.  Otherwise we'll run out of nations.

Basically its not appropriate to transplant the population of one nation into another because a country has issues, rather than fixing those issues and allowing both nations to exist independently.

Turns out the Dalai Lama had roughly the same idea:

So there you have it folks: don't agree with Mass Muslim Immigration to Germany, France, Australian, or the United States?

Neither does the Dalai Lama.  Don't let Regressive Leftists bully you into not believing you have a reasonable or justified opinion.

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