Prediction: The Reason Bernie Stayed True To #DNC & backed #Hillary...

...was that he was told by someone *cough* Wikileaks *cough* that Hillary was a Sick Granny & that chances were, either her health or the reputation of her health would tank before the election.  And therefore if he held true to the party, he would be the obvious candiatate for the party to carry forward with.

If this is true...

...It means that Trump will have a REAL run on his hands.

Both Trump AND Bernie have filled stadiums this year.  Both have produced hysterical & profound reactions in people.  Both have changed the political & cultural landscape forever.

...Also I heard a rumor Bernie Sanders is a Communist Sleeper Cell.

#StreetReport: Locals Talk The Election & Trump at the Cafe

Went down to my local for a latte this morning.

A group of middle/upper class 50-60 year-olds breakfast & chat there every Saturday morning, and talk everything from politics, to stocks, to what's happening around town.  Some of them sound like they are American.  They're usually pretty interesting to overhear.  Seemingly conservative, with liberal leanings on some social issues - hard to nail down without quizzing them.

Perhaps my #MAGA hat triggered them into discussion, but regardless, one of their main talking points this morning was the USA election; mostly talking Trump.  I was hopeful... but they were ill-informed and painful to listen to on the subject; border-line virtue signalling.  I Immortalized a few of their points in Tweets as I sat and listened (and winced):

They thought it was abhorrent that Trump's campaign was paying Trump Inc for use of conference rooms/hotels/etc... Apparently that was proof he's only doing this for the money.  It blew my mind that they did not know that the Clinton's left the Whitehouse self-proclaiming to be broke (and apparently so destitute that they had to steal stuff from the WH), yet now they have hundreds of millions of dollars, most of it made from "speeches" give to audiences of international bankers. Or if they did know about Clinton's corruption, they just don't care?  I'm not sure what is worse.

We need to make sure there's a fair playing field of information in the political arena - it's the only way "democracy" (I know the US is not technically a democracy) can function properly.  I thought the "Clinton is Corrupt" meme was well-and-truly disseminated throughout society - but apparently not.  Getting information out to people through word-of-mouth & social media has to be a highest priority of any anti-establishment political movement - if the influence of the mainstream media can't be bypassed then we've got no hope.

Origins of Language Differences Between Women & Men - Pre-Agricultural Perspectives

Evolutionary psych is a true gem, just ask Gad Saad.  It was for me the most valuable part of the psychology study I did at university.  It allows fresh, interesting perspectives on all aspects of humanness. It looks back at the tens and hundreds of thousands of years we spent pre-agriculture in hunter-gatherer situations, and realizes that these times are responsible for honing the human animal, more so than the minuscule fraction of civilisation.  These hunter/gatherer times are when language was developed, and should be looked to if one wants to understand language & human behaviour.

If we generalise and roughly divide the men into hunters, and the women into gatherers, we can see a couple of things.  Firstly: very little pressure to evolve language for the men.  They already had hand signalling and grunts inherited from lessor iterations of the primate, and when it comes to hunting, being quiet is most essential.  Ego is also needed so that you can mentally battle through laying in your shit in the half-frozen mud for 18 hours waiting for an animal to walk past… You’ve gotta remind yourself that you’re a tough guy, and you may dream of being the one to get the kill, to be the hero.  So men in this phase were developing egos and doing little to evolve language.

The women though, were needing to expand and develop language so as to continue to be able to describe and communicate the details of the plants they were gathering, as they continued to learn of and gather more and more plants.  They also were more interpersonal, looking after each others children, etc.  They also didn’t need to be silent when killing lots of time, they could talk for fun, or sing, or hum.  Language would have had a second function, ie: improving the quality of the time spent doing chores or work.    In much of these times it is imaginable that lines of paternity could not be traced, because of group sex and their biological naivety, so the children were the Group’s children, and thus a rich inter-personal social environment was present.  I think in this situation it seems obvious that women were pioneering language, with pressures coming to describe and communicate, and to pleasure, to bring joy.

It also follows us through to present.  Women love to chat.  Often about what men would consider small details of life…  A throw-back to being gatherers; folk-botanists and sticklers for detail.  Men would rather grunt and point, or at least keep it short and sharp… Throw-back to being hunters.  It also hints at why men often have more ego than women.  It really got going when men figured out that if THEY had sex with a women and nine moon cycles later a child was born then that was THEIR child (not the groups child), then that’s probably when shit got real. 

That piece of knowledge probably got history going.

Consciousness & Difference

Consciousness is a phenomenon of the inner, minded side to a system/organism’s material outer existence, and it depends on difference to run. If a very simple atomic or molecular system has few or no different elements, and is almost identical to all others of its type, there will be low or no consciousness.

Once a level of complexity is reached in a system or organism, it can be observed to be acting with self awareness: consciousness. Bacteria (and smaller?) in human bodies are complex enough to be conscious of differences in their environment and act accordingly.

The consciousness of animals is tuned to things that are different in their environment. Bring something new into a room and it’ll be the first thing the dog walks to when it comes in.

A human's consciousness is higher the more different the person is from others in their environment, as a general rule.  This hints to why the freaks, the outcasts, and the alienated are often "more aware".

That which is different is novel, and after ~16 billion years the universe has made its preference for novelty clearly shown.  If the universe is ultimately a grand-network of consciousness, novelty is its goal for no other reason than to combat boredom.

Embrace difference. But remember it comes from unity.

Some Thoughts on Hard Work


A big problem with my generation is that we associate handwork and organisation with being boring and sad… Because so many of us saw our parents sacrifice hobbies, time to be creative or to learn, or to explore, in order to be as hardworking and organised as is required to survive. They did what they thought they had to do.

Point being, if you can break your association of hard work with being boring and like your parents, you’ll go a lot further in life. The creative people who actually get somewhere are obviously the most hardworking and organised.  Some people I think, see being a creative as an alternative to being someone who works.  This mindset will lead you to being the annoying suffering artists always waiting for their break... They think they'll get paid just for being "creative".  The concept of work barely registers to them.  See most people are creative, it's just that few do something with it.

And if you don’t like hard work, creative or otherwise, God help you: because you’ll be surviving off the back of others' hard work. Thus you won’t be very popular in the tribe.  No one likes a mooch.

Novelty & Habit - Guiding Concepts for Daily Life

Novelty and Habit are concepts I try to turn to when it comes to making judgments on what I have been doing in my life, what I’m doing currently in the moment, and what I plan to do next.  They are empowering concepts to live in the light of, much better than the dichotomy of Freedom & Law - even if for no other reason than that they are better suited to practical use.

Freedom is much too ambiguous: you have the freedom to do something different each day, and also the freedom to keep doing the same thing each day.  An alcoholic has the freedom to take back their lives, or the freedom to keep on drinking.  A chronic video gamer has the freedom to limit their game time and do other things, or they have the freedom to spend all their spare time playing.  The same goes for Law.  A Law could be to do the same thing each day, or to do something different;  too tricky.  With law its too easy to self-justify and rationalise whatever impulse you may have, each step of the way.  Each new law just clears the table of the mess of the old and starts again.  The old spinnin’ wheels feeling.  Laws are also made to be broken, even self-laws.

Novelty is that which involves the new, the spontaneous, the creative, and also greater connectivity.  It allows patterns and routines to be disrupted and for new forms to emerge.  The counter-part of Novelty is Habit, and is far less tricky than Law.  It is less ambiguous because it is defined by actual behaviour and not by judgements about the appropriateness of behaviour.  Habit is that which you do because that’s just what you do.

The pair of Novelty and Habit, as guiding concepts, are far more conducive to changing behaviours because they are open.  However, most people, mostly unconsciously, apply the Freedom and Law dichotomy to their lives and may not know they are trying to put square blocks in round holes.